With prime objective of bringing sensors and actuators based Nanotechnology to real life applications through prototype building, SysEF endeavours to interface with various faculty members of CeNSE in specific and IISc in general for transforming their sensors and actuators into a prototype for IP creation and possible transfer of technology to Industry through SID.

    SysEF has successfully built a prototype air quality monitoring for pollution control based on commercially available solid state gas sensors. On similar lines, pressure monitoring for biomedical application has also been built for demonstration based on intra cranial pressure sensor manufactures at Nanofabrication facility of CeNSE. Multiple projects around solar energy harvesting, micro fluidics, picolitre dispenser, and seismic sensor systems, sensor systems for plant health monitoring etc. are being pursued presently.

    SysEF is an ESD safe workspace which houses various electronic test & measurement equipments, ESD work stations, soldering and desoldering stations, PCB design tool, embedded and software design tools, pressure sensor calibration setup, particulate matter counter, various gas & pressure sensors, electronic modules & components and processors' based evaluation kits.

    This Facility is available to all faculty members, students and staff members of CeNSE and collaborating faculty members from all other departments/centre of IISc. Also this facility is available to academic/ industrial collaborators of CeNSE through Industrial Affiliate Program.