Protocol for Users

    This Facility is available to all faculty members, students and staff members of CeNSE and collaborating faculty members from all other departments/center of IISc. Any user can use the facility with approval of facility incharge, Ashwini. However, users are encouraged to proactively acquaint themselves with the facility protocols and train themselves on appropiate usage of these simple pieces of equipment. Trainings and know how about equipmet are shared through videos on Play Me. The technical staff helps you to get started but have no responsibility of doing any measurements for you as they have their own project assignments to complete.


There are three different kinds of log entries every user has to make before/after using the facilities.
1. Business Returns
2. Projects(System Engineering)
3. Using a piece of equipment
4. Taking a component for your use
5. Taking a piece of an equipment for use out of SysEF